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Celeste Martínez

To: Jaclyn Sherman
Reply-To: Celeste Martínez
Subject: Meet the New Host of TripAdvisor Destinations TV Show
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11% of the world traveled. 89% more to go…


  • More than 30 years of experience in family, business, community service, and leisure travel, including a week spent at the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans.
  • My travels include United States, Caribbean, South America, and Europe.


Volunteering at New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

What travel means to me…

  • Establish new interpersonal relationships
  • Learn about other cultures, history and backgrounds
  • Traveling gives people new perspectives about the places they visit and the people they see:

  • Traveling brings people closer to each other, putting aside what makes them different and bringing them together by what makes them similar.


My relationship with TripAdvisor

  • TripAdvisor is a trustable source of information since independent contributors collaborate, rather than marketers trying to promote their hotels, restaurants or attractions.
  • TripAdvisor offers a system of badges, which symbolically compensates contributors with them, depending on the number of reviews they write. This makes it possible for contributors to feel part of the TripAdvisor community. I’m a proud Senior Contributor for TripAdvisor.


My qualifications for TripAdvisor Destinations

  • I love people: Let’s face it, in order to be in front of the cameras talking to people, you need to like them. You should be able to approach them without being shy, initiate a conversation, be nice, ask questions, while acting as natural as possible. People also have to like you. People happen to like me.
  • Passionate about travel: I care so much about travel, that I want to make a career out of it!
  • Don’t mind being on the spotlight: Bring it on and ask for autographs!
  • I know English and Spanish (as well as dialects, like Caribbean Spanish and Latin American Spanish)
  • Not afraid of being in front of cameras: I have experience with public speaking. To me, the camera represents the people I want to talk to:


Below, please find my resumé on my Pinterest Page:


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